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KC Keller wrote on January 13,2020
Thanks from Keller.

Ladc Leander wrote on January 13,2020
Thanks for the opportunity.

Jim Bya wrote on January 13,2020
Very nice - thanks...

James Walton wrote on September 5,2019
Nice site, making things easier. Elegant but priced right I loved it.
URL: http://

charliejulien wrote on February 3,2018 about this piece
I'm more than happy to find this great site. I wanted to thank you for ones time for this wonderful beads info.Thank you

alessio wrote on November 13,2009
do you teach lampwork

Katherine Cauvin wrote on August 4,2009
Elegant and beautiful. You are priced right. I will be back. Merci bien

Robin Tannenbaum wrote on February 2,2009
I met you at Michael's this week and promised I'd go to your site. I have and it's wonderful! I'll see you again when you come to the register!

Sharon Casella wrote on September 20,2008
Thanks again for the necklace. Love your beads! Keep me posted on the upcoming events!